International Office - Registration

Registration at the "Bürgerbüro" in Stuttgart (Citizens' Office)

The "Bürgerbüro" (Citzens’ Office) is a service center of the municipality.

There is a system of registration for German nationals and foreigners in Germany:

  • Every person who stays longer than two months in Germany is obliged to register at the "Bürgerbüro" (Citizens’ Office).
  • The registration should be done within one week ("Anmeldung").
  • If you change your address, you have to announce it to the "Bürgerbüro" (Citizens’ Office).
  • If you finally leave Germany, you have to make a deregistration ("Abmeldung").

The International Office has the forms needed and submits them to the "Bürgerbüro" (Citizens’ Office) on your behalf, provided the place of your residence is in Stuttgart. Otherwise you have to go to the relevant office by yourself and give a photocopy to the International Office.

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