International Office - Registration

Registration at the "Bürgerbüro" in Stuttgart (Citizens' Office)

The "Bürgerbüro" (Citzens’ Office) is a service center of the municipality.

There is a system of registration for German nationals and foreigners in Germany:

  • Every person who stays longer than three months in Germany is obliged to register at the "Bürgerbüro" (Citizens’ Office).
  • The registration has to be done within two weeks ("Anmeldung").
  • If you change your address, you have to announce it to the Citizens’ Office (“Bürgerbüro”).
  • If you finally leave Germany, you have to make a deregistration ("Abmeldung").

Keep in mind:

  • Stop by at the International Office within the first week after your arrival!
  • Every time you are moving to another address, you have to reregister! Please inform the International Office about change of domiciles!
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