Depending on your home country, you have to apply for a visa before entering Germany. The visa cannot be obtained from within Germany; you have to apply for it at the German Embassy or the German Consulate in either your home country or the country you are currently living.

Technically, two groups do not need a visa to enter Germany:

Group A: EU nationals
Group B: Citizens from countries for which the European Community has abolished the visa requirement, such as Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea or the U.S.A.

However, if your home country belongs to Group B please note that you are not allowed to work without a visa! Therefore, group B citizens have to obtain a visa as well.

Keep in mind:

  • Most important: Even if you are allowed to enter Germany without a visa, you are not allowed to take up work without either a visa or a residence permit!
  • Mind the processing time! The application process can take up to three months! Start early!
  • In case you need to travel outside of Germany and back please make sure, your visa has the remark “multiple entries”.
  • A visa is the document needed to enter Germany and entitles the holder to stay in Germany mostly for 90 days. Before the period specified in your visa expires, you have to apply for a residence permit or leave the country.


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