Health Insurances

By German law, you need a valid health insurance from the first moment you arrive in Germany. Please make sure that you are having a health insurance, which covers the move and the first days in Germany, until you take out a health insurance that covers the whole period of your stay.

There are two types of health insurance in Germany: The statutory health insurance and the private health insurance.

• The statutory health insurance

If you are having a contract and an annual salary below 57.600€ you have to take out the statutory health insurance.

• The private health insurance

  • MPI scholarship holders must take out a private health insurance.
  • If you are getting your stipend from the MPI, you must take out a comprehensive health insurance defined in the MPI guidelines.
  • If you are not paid by the MPI, you can choose a cheaper private health insurance, but please keep in mind that many treatments will not be covered.

Keep in mind:

  • The scope of benefits provided by private health insurances varies significantly, and so does the monthly rate. Closely check the benefits of your health insurance before signing the contract.
  • The International Office will provide more information and help to arrange contacts. For questions, please contact:
    • Mrs. Bärbel Metzger (
    • Mrs. Dorothee Klink (
    • Mrs. Maike Trost (


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