Residence Permit

You do not need a residence permit, if you are citizen of the European Union.

All other foreign guests have to apply for a residence permit

  • before their visa expires;
  • if they came to Germany without a visa.

Please come to the International Office. We have the application forms and will go to the Foreigners' Authority for you.

The following items are requested:

  • biometric passport photograph
  • proof of health insurance
  • if you are enrolled at a German University: proof of enrollment
  • proof of having successfully finished university etc. (copies).

If your spouse and/or children are with you:

  • proof of health insurance for both
  • certificate of marriage (for Chinese nationals: legalized marriage certificate)
  • children need their birth certificate
  • proof of apartment with 24 sqm* (in Stuttgart)
  • for each children under ten years 10 sqm and for each child over ten years 12 sqm must be provided* additionally to the parents' are.

* We have the forms at the International Office.

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