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Magnetic Needles turn Somersaults

November 28, 2006
Max Planck researchers discover new possibilities for magnetic storage [more]
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Beetle feet stick to their promises

November 03, 2006
Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart, joining forces with Gottlieb Binder GmbH in Holzgerlingen, are developing new kinds of adhesive material modeled on the soles of insects’ feet. [more]
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Controlled Corrosion

February 10, 2006
A European team of researchers makes the first-ever atomic-level observations of the corrosion process, with implications for nanostructuring [more]
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From Mirror to Mist: Cracking the Secret of Fracture Instabilities

January 19, 2006
Researchers from Max Planck Institute for Metals Research and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have performed atom-by-atom investigations of how cracks propagate in brittle materials [more]
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Anti-adhesive layers leave no hope for insects

January 13, 2006
Scientists from Stuttgart demonstrate how carnivorous plants set traps using an ingenious material design [more]
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Snapshots at the Atomic Border

November 28, 2005
Max Planck researchers in Stuttgart, Germany observe how atoms interact at the interface between a liquid metal and a crystal [more]
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Hairy Feet Stick Better to Wet Ceilings

November 09, 2005
Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research show that humidity strengthens the adhesive force of the tiny hairs on gecko feet [more]
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How does "Open Sesame" Function for Viruses?

June 17, 2005
Max Planck scientists have found the optimal size with which viruses and nano-particles are able to enter cells [more]
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Nanoscale contact optimizes adhesion

May 25, 2004
Optimal adhesion of geckos and insects based on shape optimization and contact surface size reduction, report Max Planck researchers in Stuttgart, Germany [more]
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Brittle Fracture Mechanism breaks the Sound Barrier

November 13, 2003
Materials scientists discover the conditions under which cracks can propagate supersonically in brittle solids [more]
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