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Go-ahead for Cyber Valley

December 15, 2016
Science and industry form one of Europe's largest research partnerships in artificial intelligence [more]
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Leibniz Prize 2017 for Joachim P. Spatz

December 08, 2016
Max Planck Director awarded with most prestigious german funding prize [more]
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The nanostructured cloak of invisibility

October 21, 2016
Scientists manipulate surfaces in such a manner that they hardly reflect any light and practically become invisible [more]

The Paralympics are over - the Cybathlon starts!

October 07, 2016
CYBATHLON Championship for Athletes with Disabilities [more]
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Motion-directed robots on a micro scale

September 30, 2016
Microswimmers capped with carbon on one side can be propelled and steered by light [more]
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Shape-programmable miniscule robots

September 26, 2016
Soft materials that can use magnetic fields to generate desired time-varying shapes could provide an engine for microswimmers [more]
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Holograms with sound

September 21, 2016
A new way of shaping sound waves in 3D aids technology and could be useful for medical ultrasound applications [more]
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