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Gentle strength for robots

May 13, 2016
A soft actuator using electrically controllable membranes could pave the way for machines that are no danger to humans [more]
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2+1 is Not Always 3

May 02, 2016
In the microworld unity is not always strength [more]
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Tiny microbots that can clean up water

April 29, 2016
Max Planck researchers have developed self-propelled tiny ‘microbots’ that can remove lead or organic pollutions from contaminated water. [more]
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Flow at the nanoscale: what stops a drop and keeps nanobubbles alive

April 12, 2016
Max Planck researchers from Stuttgart present first model calculation [more]
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Microrobots learn from ciliates

February 25, 2016
A swimming microrobot formed from liquid-crystal elastomers is driven by a light-induced peristaltic motion [more]
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Nano-hinge – lubricated by light

February 23, 2016
A nanoplasmonic system of DNA bundles can be opened and closed by optical means [more]
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Micromotors use surface variations for docking and guiding

February 17, 2016
Researchers reveal that micromotors can be guided using tiny topographical patterns on the surfaces over which they swim. [more]
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Koeppen Award 2015

December 09, 2015
Excellent doctoral dissertation dealing with machine learning in climatic research [more]
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Center for Learning Systems

November 30, 2015
Inauguration Ceremony in Tübingen   [more]
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Surprise at the nanoscale: Silicon atoms jump after contact with metal

October 28, 2015
Max Planck researchers from Stuttgart reveal unknown behaviour of semi-conductors at the nanoscale   [more]
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