Alexander Spröwitz, Dr. Sc.

Dynamic Locomotion Group

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

Heisenbergstr. 3, 3N22
70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)711 689 3499


Arachnabot - Spider Inspired Robotics

Spiders (phylum arthropod) are one of the oldest and extremely successful preditors in the animal kingdom. Around 45,000 species are known. They inhabit and hunt over groud, on and even under water. What makes them highly interesting for robotic research is their extreme agility in rough terrain, stark scaling in body size, and capability to produce fast motion at high torque, i.e. in case of jumping spiders. Details on this project will be presented soon.


Kirstin H. Petersen (Assistant Professor, Cornell University)
Chantal Goettler (PhD student, group Sitti & PhD student Max Planck ETH Center for learning systems)
Ayush Sinha (Summer student)
Corentin Caer (Summer student)
Metin Sitti (Director, Physical Intelligence Department, MPI Stuttgart)

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