Peer Fischer
Max Planck Research Group Leader
Phone: +49 711 689-3560
Professor University Stuttgart

Micro Nano & Molecular Systems Lab

Max Planck Research Group Fischer


We have several immediate postdoctoral openings to join our group for the following projects:

Nanoscale Propulsion with Enzyme Motors:

Study single-molecule and enzyme powered nanomachines and nanoswimmers. Experience in bio functionalization and optical microscopy.

Active matter from the micro to the centimeter scale:

An exciting new field in soft matter physics, active matter examines the emergent phenomena exhibited by ensembles of particles that are out of equilibrium with their surroundings. We seek to investigate new modes of active matter at a range of length scales. The project requires a background in physics or engineering.

Optical tweezers:

Project to control self-assembly and to develop new approaches to 3D nanofabrication. This is a joint project with the group of Joe Wang (nanoengineering at UCSD) and Joachim Bill at the University of Stuttgart.

Advancing nano GLAD:

Building on the techniques we developed in Nature Materials, 12, 802 (2013). We will develop new methods and applications for shape controlled nanoparticles. Experience in: thin film growth techniques, vacuum hardware, control software.


Postdocs physics or engineering who are micro-robotics enthusiasts. Experience with the following is a plus: fabrication, chip design, powering micro systems, fluidics and electromagnetic phenomena, and learning (collaboration with MPI-IS Tübingen).

Please email Peer Fischer.

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