Software: Fitting Utilities

Introduction to WinFit, XFit and MultiFit

WinFit, XFit, and MultiFit are the constituents of a curve fitting utility that was developed to calculate the polarized neutron reflectivity from layered magnetic systems with complex (non-collinear) magnetization profiles.
Details about the theoretical approach implemented in the program can be found in:
A. Rühm, B. Toperverg, H. Dosch, Phys. Rev. B 60, 16073 (1999)

PROLA-Link PDF Download (730 KB)


To install the program on your computer

  • Download . This zip-file contains the current WinFit Version 1.4, which has been last updated on Feb 20, 2003. The zip-file contains the required Multifit DLL.
  • Create a new directory for WinFit on your computer and decompress to this directory.
  • Copy the files residing in the subdirectory wfsystem to your Microsoft Windows system folder.
    (Note: It is not recommended to overwrite existing files in your system folder. WinFit might as well work with the existing files. If WinFit does not work with the existing files, save backup copies of these files elsewhere on your computer before you overwrite them.)


To get started with the program

  • Run winfit.exe.
  • Load the sample project file pnr1.prj via the Project menu. This will automatically load the parameter file pnr1.par which contains parameters for two magnetic layers on a non-magnetic substrate. Pressing the Simulate button calculates the "++" (non-spin-flip) reflectivity for this system. Change the parameter Px from 1 to -1 to calculate the "+-" (spin-flip) reflectivity.
  • General instructions are available from the User's Guide in the Help menu. The program's help file has recently been enhanced and updated.
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