Overview Former Research Topics

The Institute has been striving to carry out fundamental research at the frontiers of materials science. The global strategy has been to focus on novel materials and systems at the interface between the inorganic, organic and biological world.

Such a materials science approach necessarily involved the cooperation of several scientific disciplines, in particular physics, chemistry, experimental, theoretical and computational materials science and biology.

In order to achieve this goal we had defined three major strategic research directions:

A. The development of a detailed microscopic understanding of the critical parameters controlling the phenomena in crystalline, disordered and complex materials in contact with other materials and under the influence of external fields and forces.

B. The exploration of time-dependent phenomena during structural transformations, molecular transport and relaxation processes in materials and nanostructures bridging the time domain from hours to sub-picoseconds.

C. The development of new concepts to synthesize new materials and to explore their structure-property relations with emphasis on mechanical, thermal, magnetic and regenerative phenomena for new functional materials.

The MPI-MF core competences:

  • Advanced Materials Analysis
  • Advanced Materials Synthesis
  • Theory and Computational Materials Science
  • Interface-Controlled Phenomena
  • Biological Materials Research