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Biomechanics and Locomotion Control in Legged Animals and Legged Robots


MPI Year Book

An animal's running gait is dynamic, efficient, elegant, and adaptive. We see locomotion in animals as an orchestrated interplay of the locomotion apparatus, interacting with its environment. The Dynamic Locomotion Group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart develops novel legged robots to decipher aspects of biomechanics and neuromuscular control of legged locomotion in animals, and to understand general principles of locomotion.

Author(s): Sproewitz, Alexander and Heim, Steve
Year: 2017

Bibtex Type: MPI Year Book (mpi_year_book)

DOI: 10.17617/1.50
URL: https://www.mpg.de/10986529/mpi-mf_jb_2017?c=11741001


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