Dynamic Locomotion Group
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart

Our scientific goal at the Dynamic Locomotion Group is to understand dynamic and legged locomotion in Biology, by using computational and physical models, i.e. legged robots.  We implement, design, and test blueprints from functional morphology, neurocontrol, and biomechanics in simulation and robots. Robotic systems are then applied as testing platforms that produce rich, high-dimensional experimental data under realistic conditions.

We work on bioinspired and biomimicking robot locomotion, bioinspired approaches to sensor design, locomotion learning, and locomotion biomechanics in animals and robotic machines.

You can find details on our research pagesmovie page, and youtube channelFor publications, please see the DLG publication list or Google scholar.

Our team is growing, and we have funded open positions for excellent and ambitious researchers. Please have a look and let potential candidates know.