Institut für Materialwissenschaft, 2. Lehrstuhl

The former department Arzt is connected with the "Institut für Materialwissenschaft (2. Lehrstuhl)" of the University of Stuttgart. [more]

Former Department Arzt

Micro- and Nanomechanics of Thin Films and Biological Systems

Our research addresses the micro- and nano-mechanics of advanced structural and thin film materials. Emphasis is placed on the measurement of mechanical properties, on microstructural modelling, and on the development and synthesis of new and improved materials. Our overall aim is to investigate how basic materials concepts and measurement techniques developed for bulk materials can be transferred to the micron and submicron regime. These techniques, which are usually applied to metallurgical materials, have recently been extended to biological specimens, with focus on the micromechanics of insects and cellular structures. Our research, while predominantly fundamental in nature, also addresses practical problems in mechanical design and microtechnology.

Heisenbergstr. 3
70569 Stuttgart

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