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Aashay Metha joined our lab

  • 02 January 2020

Welcome, Aashay!

Aashay is a working on his bachelor's degree in Computer Science at BITS-Pilani, India. He is currently supporting the Rationality Enhancement Group as a Bachelor's Student Intern while writing his bachelor thesis under the supervision of Dr. Falk Lieder. He is broadly interested in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making.

Aashay Mehta

Perfect Review-Scores for our ICLR Submission

  • 20 December 2019

Our paper "Differentiation of Blackbox Combinatorial Solvers" received perfect review-scores for ICLR 2020!

Marin Vlastelica Pogancic Anselm Paulus Georg Martius Michal Rolinek

Werner-von-Siemens-Ring foundation honours doctoral student Andreas Dörr

  • 19 December 2019

The Board of Trustees has selected nine young researchers from science and industry to be honoured and accepted into the network of outstanding young scientists. The awards were presented in Munich on December 13, 2019, on the occasion of Werner von Siemens’ 103rd birthday.

Sebastian Trimpe Linda Behringer

Yichao Tang receives Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

  • 16 December 2019

The scientist working in the Physical Intelligence Department at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart will be supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for two years to continue his soft robotic research in Germany.

Yichao Tang Metin Sitti Linda Behringer

Two posters at NeurIPS

  • 12 December 2019

We presented two posters at NeurIPS: "Control What You Can" and "Differentiation of Blackbox Combinatorial Solvers"

Sebastian Blaes Marin Vlastelica Pogancic Michal Rolinek Georg Martius

Tübingen becomes an ELLIS unit

  • 10 December 2019

The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) establishes a total of 17 ELLIS units across 10 European countries and Israel

Grassroots initiative assembling top European talent in machine learning mobilizes more than 200 Mio in funding across Europe for the next 5 years

Bernhard Schölkopf Linda Behringer

Niki Kilbertus is "Newcomer of the Year"

  • 29 November 2019

The computer scientist is a PhD student in the Cambridge-Tübingen PhD Fellowship Program

The German Society for Computer Science (GI) has selected 10 outstanding newcomers to German AI research as part of its "#AI50: Artificial Intelligence in Germany - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" project.

Niki Kilbertus Valerie Callaghan

Peer Fischer delivers Distinguished Lecture at CeNSE

  • 26 November 2019

Peer delivers the CMTI lecture as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series of the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), at the Indian Institute of Science.

Peer Fischer

Andreas Geiger selected as Top 40 under 40

  • 21 November 2019

Andreas Geiger has been selected as top 40 under 40 by the capital magazine.

Andreas Geiger

Professor Dr. phil., Dr.h.c.mult. Hellmut Fischmeister deceased

  • 11 November 2019

Emeritus Scientific Member of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (formerly Max Planck Institute for Metals Research), Stuttgart, died Nov 6, 2019, at the age of 92.

Linda Behringer