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Public Events at the Institute

The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems organizes scientific lectures on both the Stuttgart and the Tübingen campus on a regular basis. Lectures are generally held in English and are aimed at scientists and students. Guests are welcome to attend. All lectures are free of charge.

Come visit our institute! Throughout the academic year, the Institute offers also a range of events that are open to the public.

Max Planck Lecture

Superconductors Old and New

Solid State Physics is a field which continuously renews itself through the discovery of new materials and new phenomena. This has been particularly true for the subfield of superconductivity. We will review the progress in this field from Kammelingh Onnes's discovery of superconductivity in mercury in 1911 to the Bednorz-Mueller ground breaking discovery of high temperature superconductivity in the lamellar copper oxides in 1986 to recent work on the Fe arsenides and selenides. Research on superconductivity has produced theoretical insights which have implications not only for superconductivity itself but for systems as varied as liquid crystal gels to the fundamental constituents of the universe. [more]

Summer Colloquium 2017

8233 1490090636

Summer Colloquium Intelligent Systems

The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems is delighted to invite you to its annual scientific colloquium, the former Günter Petzow Colloquium. [more]

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