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Zeitschriftenartikel (30)

  1. 2017
    Cosentino, K.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Bax and Bak Pores: Are We Closing the Circle? Trends in Cell Biology 27 (4), S. 266 - 275 (2017)
  2. Unsay, J.; Cosentino, K.; Sporbeck, K.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Pro-apoptotic cBid and Bax exhibit distinct membrane remodeling activities: An AFM study. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: BBA 1859 (1), S. 17 - 21 (2017)
  3. 2016
    Bleicken, S.; Hofhaus, G.; Ugarte-Uribe, B.; Schröder, R.; García-Sáez, A. J.: cBid, Bax and Bcl-xL exhibit opposite membrane remodeling activities. Cell Death and Disease (2016)
  4. Salvador-Galledo, R.; Mund, M.; Cosentino, K.; Schneider, J.; Unsay, J.; Schraermeyer, U.; Engelhardt, J.; Ries, J.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Bax assembly into rings and arcs in apoptotic mitochondria is linked to membrane pores. The EMBO Journal 35 (4), S. 389 - 401 (2016)
  5. Cosentino, K.; Ros, U.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Assembling the puzzle: Oligomerization of α-pore forming proteins in membranes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1858 (3), S. 457 - 466 (2016)
  6. 2015
    Ros, U.; Rodriquez-Vera, W.; Pedrera, L.; Valiente, P. A.; Cabezas, S.; Lanio, M. E.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Differences in activity of actinoporins are related with the hydrophobicity of their N-terminus. Biochimie 116, S. 70 - 78 (2015)
  7. Subburaj, Y. D.; Cosentino, K.; Axmann, M.; Pedruezza-Villalmanzo, E.; Hermann, E.; Bleicken, S.; Spatz, J. P.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Bax monomers form dimer units in the membrane that further self-assemble into multiple oligomeric species. Nature Communications (2015)
  8. Unsay, J.; Cosentino, K.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging and Force Spectroscopy of Supported Lipid Bilayers. Journal of visualized experiments (2015)
  9. Landeta, O.; Landajuela, A.; García-Sáez, A. J.; Basañez, G.: Minimalist Model Systems Reveal Similarities and Differences between Membrane Interaction Modes of MCL1 and BAK. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (27), S. 17004 - 17019 (2015)
  10. Müller, H.-M.; Steringer, J. P.; Wegehingel, S.; Bleicken, S.; Münster, M.; Dimou, E.; Unger, S.; Weidmann, G.; Andreas, H.; García-Sáez, A. J. et al.; Wild, K.; Sinning, I.; Nickel, W.: Formation of Disulfide Bridges Drives Oligomerization, Membrane Pore Formation, and Translocation of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 to Cell Surfaces. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (14), S. 8925 - 8937 (2015)
  11. Subburaj, Y. D.; Ros, U.; Hermann, E.; Tong, R.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Toxicity of an α-Pore-forming Toxin Depends on the Assembly Mechanism on the Target Membrane as Revealed by Single Molecule Imagin. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 290 (8), S. 4856 - 4865 (2015)
  12. Ros, U.; García-Sáez, A. J.: More Than and Pore: The Interplay of Pore-Forming Proteins and Lipid Membranes. Journal of Membrane Biology 248 (3), S. 545 - 561 (2015)
  13. 2014
    Ugarte-Uribe, B.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Membranes in motion: mitochondrial dynamics and their role in apoptosis. Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 395 (3), S. 297 - 311 (2014)
  14. Bleicken, S.; Jeschke, G.; Salvador-Gallego, R.; García-Sáez, A. J.; Brodignon, E.: Structural Model of Active Bax at the Membrane. Molecular Cell 56 (4), S. 496 - 505 (2014)
  15. Cosentino, K.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Mitochondrial alterations in apoptosis. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 181, S. 62 - 75 (2014)
  16. Hermann, E.; Bleicken, S.; García-Sáez, A. J.; Subburaj, Y. D.: Automated analysis of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles using Circular Hough Transformation. Bioinformatics 30 (12), S. 1747 - 1757 (2014)
  17. Ugarte-Uribe, B.; Müller, H.-M.; Otsuki, M.; Nickel, W.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Dynamin-related Protein 1 (Drp1) Promotes Structural Intermediates of Membrane Division. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (44), S. 30645 - 30656 (2014)
  18. 2013
    Bleicken, S.; Wagner, C.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Mechanistic differences in the membrane activity of Bax and Bcl-xL correlate with their opposing function in apoptosis. Biophysical Chemistry 104 (2), S. 421 - 431 (2013)
  19. Bleicken, S.; Landeta, O.; Landajuela, A.; Basanez, G.; García-Sáez, A. J.: Proapoptotic Bax and Bak Proteins Form Stable Protein-permeable Pores of Tunable Size. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (46), S. 33241 - 33252 (2013)
  20. Jalmar, O.; Francois-Moutal, L.; Garcia-Saez, A.-J.; Perry, M.; Granjon, T.; Gonzalvez, F.; Gottlieb, E.; Ayala-Sanmartin, J.; Klosgen, B.; Schwille, P. et al.; Petit, P. X.: Caspase-8 Binding to Cardiolipin in Giant Unilamellar Vesicles Provides a Functional Docking Platform for Bid. PLOS ONE (2013)
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