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  1. 2017
    Jaiswal, S.; Litzius, K.; Lemesh, I.; Büttner, F.; Finizio, S.; Raabe, J.; Weigand, M.; Lee, K.; Langer, J.; Ocker, B. et al.; Jakob, G.; Beach, G. S. D.; Kläui, M.: Investigation of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and room temperature skyrmions in W/CoFeB/MgO thin films and microwires. Applied Physics Letters 111 (2), 022409 (2017)
  2. Litzius, K.; Lemesh, I.; Krüger, B.; Bassirian, P.; Caretta, L.; Richter, K.; Büttner, F.; Sato, K.; Tretiakov, O. A.; Förster, J. et al.; Reeve, R. M.; Weigand, M.; Bykova, I.; Stoll, H.; Schütz, G.; Beach, G. S. D.; Kläui, M.: Skyrmion Hall effect revealed by direct time-resolved X-ray microscopy. Nature Physics 13 (2), S. 170 - 175 (2017)
  3. Macholdt, D. S.; Jochum, K. P.; Pöhlker, C.; Arangio, A.; Förster, J.-D.; Stoll, B.; Weis, U.; Weber, B.; Müller, M.; Kappl, M. et al.; Shiraiwa, M.; Kilcoyne, A. L. D.; Weigand, M.; Scholz, D.; Haug, G. H.; Al-Amri, A.; Andreae, M. O.: Characterization and differentiation of rock varnish types from different environments by microanalytical techniques. Chemical Geology 459, S. 91 - 118 (2017)
  4. Macholdt, D. S.; Herrmann, S.; Jochum, K. P.; Kilcoyne, A. L. D.; Laubscher, T.; Pfisterer, H. K.; Pöhlker, C.; Schwager, B.; Weber, B.; Weigand, M. et al.; Domke, K. F.; Andreae, M. O.: Black manganese-rich crusts on a Gothic cathedral. Atmospheric Environment 171, S. 205 - 220 (2017)
  5. Mawass, M.-A.; Richter, K.; Bisig, A.; Reeve, R. M.; Krüger, B.; Weigand, M.; Stoll, H.; Krone, A.; Kronast, F.; Schütz, G. et al.; Kläui, M.: Switching by domain-wall automotion in asymmetric ferromagnetic rings. Physical Review Applied 7 (4), 044009 (2017)
  6. Yamamoto, K.; Klossek, A.; Flesch, R.; Rancan, F.; Weigand, M.; Bykova, I.; Bechtel, M.; Ahlberg, S.; Vogt, A.; Blume-Peytavi, U. et al.; Schrade, P.; Bachmann, S.; Hedtrich, S.; Schäfer-Korting, M.; Rühl, E.: Influence of the skin barrier on the penetration of topically-applied dexamethasone probed by soft X-ray spectromicroscopy. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 118, S. 30 - 37 (2017)
  7. 2016
    Ruoß, S.; Stahl, C.; Weigand, M.; Zahn, P.; Bayer, J.; Schütz, G.; Albrecht, J.: The role of individual defects on the magnetic screening of HTSC films. New Journal of Physics (2016)
  8. Hänze, M.; Adolff, C. F.; Schulte, B.; Möller, J.; Weigand, M.; Meier, G.: Collective modes in three-dimensional magnonic vortex crystals. Scientific Reports (2016)
  9. Gräfe, J.; Weigand, M.; Stahl, C.; Träger, N.-A.; Kopp, M.; Schütz, G.; Goering, E. J.; Haering, F.; Ziemann, P.; Wiedwald, U.: Combined first-order reversal curve and x-ray microscopy investigation of magnetization reversal mechanisms in hexagonal antidot lattices. Physical Review B 93 (1), 014406 (2016)
  10. Bisig, A.; Akosa, C. A.; Moon, J.-H.; Rhensius, J.; Moutafis, C.; von Bieren, A.; Heidler, J.; Kiliani, G.; Kammerer, M.; Curcic, M. et al.; Weigand, M.; Tyliszczak, T.; Van Waeyenberge, B.; Stoll, H.; Schütz, G.; Lee, K.-J.; Manchon, A.; Kläui, M.: Enhanced non-adiabaticity in vortex cores due to the emergent Hall effect. Physical Review Letters 117 (27), 277203 (2016)
  11. Gräfe, J.; Weigand, M.; Träger, N.-A.; Schütz, G.; Goering, E. J.; Skripnik, M.; Nowak, U.; Haering, F.; Ziemann, P.; Wiedwald, U.: Geometric control of the magnetization reversal in antidot lattices with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. Physical Review B 93 (10), 104421 (2016)
  12. Hänze, M.; Adolff, C. F.; Velten, S.; Weigand, M.; Meier, G.: Two-body problem of core-region coupled magnetic vortex stacks. Physical Review B 93 (5), 054411 (2016)
  13. Moreau-Luchaire, C.; Moutafis, C.; Reyren, N.; Sampaio, J.; Vaz, C. A. F.; Van Horne, N.; Bouzehouane, K.; Garcia, K.; Deranlot, C.; Warnicke, P. et al.; Wohlhüter, P.; George, J.-M.; Weigand, M.; Raabe, J.; Cros, V.; Fert, A.: Additive interfacial chiral interaction in multilayers for stabilization of small individual skyrmions at room temperature. Nature Nanotechnology 11 (5), S. 444 - 448 (2016)
  14. Noske, M.; Stoll, H.; Fähnle, M.; Gangwar, A.; Woltersdorf, G.; Slavin, A.; Weigand, M.; Dieterle, G.; Förster, J.; Back, C. H. et al.; Schütz, G.: Spin wave mediated unidirectional vortex core reversal by two orthogonal monopolar field pulses: The essential role of three-dimensional magnetization dynamics. Journal of Applied Physics 119 (17), 173901 (2016)
  15. Noske, M.; Stoll, H.; Fähnle, M.; Gangwar, A.; Woltersdorf, G.; Slavin, A.; Weigand, M.; Dieterle, G.; Förster, J.; Back, C. H. et al.; Schütz, G.: Three-dimensional character of the magnetization dynamics in magnetic vortex structures: Hybridization of flexure gyromodes with spin waves. Physical Review Letters 117 (3), 037208 (2016)
  16. Richter, K.; Krone, A.; Mawass, M.-A.; Krüger, B.; Weigand, M.; Stoll, H.; Schütz, G.; Kläui, M.: Local domain-wall velocity engineering via tailored potential landscapes in ferromagnetic rings. Physical Review Applied 5 (2), 024007 (2016)
  17. Richter, K.; Krone, A.; Mawass, M.-A.; Krüger, B.; Weigand, M.; Stoll, H.; Schütz, G.; Kläui, M.: Localized domain wall nucleation dynamics in asymmetric ferromagnetic rings revealed by direct time-resolved magnetic imaging. Physical Review B 94 (2), 024435 (2016)
  18. Stahl, C.; Ruoß, S.; Weigand, M.; Bechtel, M.; Schütz, G.; Albrecht, J.: Magnetic X-ray microscopy at low temperatures - Visualization of flux distributions in superconductors. AIP Conference Proceedings 1696, 020031 (2016)
  19. Wintz, S.; Tiberkevich, V.; Weigand, M.; Raabe, J.; Lindner, J.; Erbe, A.; Slavin, A.; Fassbender, J.: Magnetic vortex cores as tunable spin-wave emitters. Nature Nanotechnology 11 (11), S. 948 - 953 (2016)
  20. Woo, S.; Litzius, K.; Krüger, B.; Im, M.-Y.; Caretta, L.; Richter, K.; Mann, M.; Krone, A.; Reeve, R. M.; Weigand, M. et al.; Agrawal, P.; Lemesh, I.; Mawass, M.-A.; Fischer, P.; Kläui, M.; Beach, G. S. D.: Observation of room-temperature magnetic skyrmions and their current-driven dynamics in ultrathin metallic ferromagnets. Nature Materials 15 (5), S. 501 - 506 (2016)
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