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2010 and older: MPI for Metals Research

Thesis - Master (81)

  1. 2011
    Badr, E.: Piezo driven strain effects on magneto-crystalline anisotropy. Master, 55 pp pp., Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2011)
  2. Chen, Y.-C.: Ferromagnetism of ZnO influenced by physical and chemical treatment. Master, 96 pp pp., Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2011)
  3. Jansen, F.: Diffusion of colloidal particles in porous media. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2011)
  4. Lang, A.: Crowdsourcing for optimisation of deconvolution methods via an iPhone application. Master, Hochschule Reutlingen, Reutlingen (2011)
  5. Soleimani Dorcheh, A.: Study of krypton/xenon storage and separation in microporous frameworks. Master, Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt (2011)
  6. Streckenbach, F.: Herstellung und Charakterisierung von ultradünnen, funktionellen CoFeB Filmen. Master, 71 pp., Hochschule Esslingen / Hochschule Aalen, Esslingen / Aalen (2011)
  7. 2009
    Zafar, K.: Element specific investigation of the magnetization profile at the CrO2/RuO2 interface. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2009)
  8. 2008
    Gojak, C.: Nanostructured biointerfaces for investigating cellular adhesion and differentiation. Master, Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg (2008)
  9. Marinescu, M.: Wetting of geometrically structured substrates. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany (2008)
  10. Sanyal, M.: Structure and morphology of cobalt phtalocyanine organic films on silicon dioxide. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2008)
  11. 2007
    Almenar Egea, L.: Brownian dynamics in near surface flows. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2007)
  12. Batenburg, A. M.: Time domain and frequency domain vibrational sum frequency generation on biodegradable poly-(lactic) acid films. Master, 69 pp., Utrecht University, Utrecht (2007)
  13. De Angeli, L.: On the theory of magnetization dynamics of non-collinear spin systems in the s-d model. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2007)
  14. Kawwam, M.: Low-dimensional Fe on vicinal Ir(997): Growth and magnetic properties. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2007)
  15. Kim, C. J.: X-ray studies of polarization switching in ferroelectric films. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2007)
  16. Macke, S.: Micromagnetic simulations of switching processes and the role of thermal fluctuations. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2007)
  17. Meka, S. R.: Gaseous nitriding of iron - aluminium alloys. Master, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Kanpur (2007)
  18. Perumal, A. K.: Electrical transport in 1-D organic (F16CuPc) nanostructures by conductive AFM. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2007)
  19. Tröndle, M.: Critical adsorption and critical Casimir forces for geometrically structured confinements. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2007)
  20. 2006
    Martosiswoyo, L.: Theory of magnetic x-ray reflectometry on the Co2Pt7 multilayer system. Master, Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2006)
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