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  1. 2004
    Acharya, S.; Hajra, J. P.; Aldinger, F.: Study of the solid-liquid equilibria in the Ga-In-As-Sb system at 973 and 1073 K. Materials Chemistry and Physics 87, pp. 127 - 133 (2004)
  2. Albrecht, J.; Leonhardt, S.; Habermeier, H.-U.; Brück, S.; Spolenak, R.; Kronmüller, H.: Enhanced flux line pinning by substrate induced defects in YBCO thin films. Physica C 404, pp. 18 - 21 (2004)
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  20. Borgardt, N. I.; Plikat, B.; Schröter, W.; Seibt, M.; Wagner, T.: Atomic structure of the interface between silicon (111) and amorphous germanium. Physical Review B 70 (19), 195307 (2004)
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