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  1. 2009
    Gambassi, A.; Maciolek, A.; Hertlein, C.; Nellen, U.; Helden, L.; Bechinger, C.; Dietrich, S.: Critical Casimir effect in classical binary liquid mixtures. Physical Review E 80, 061143 (2009)
  2. Major, J.; Vorobiev, A.; Rühm, A.; Maier, R.; Major, M.; Mezger, M.; Nülle, M.; Dosch, H.; Felcher, G.P.; Falus, P. et al.; Keller, T.; Pynn, R.: A spin-echo resolved grazing incidence scattering setup for the neutron interrogation of buried nanostructures. Review of Scientific Instruments 80, 123903 (2009)
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  7. Tröndle, M.; Kondrat, S.; Gambassi, A.; Harnau, L.; Dietrich, S.: Normal and lateral critical Casimir forces between colloids and patterned substrates. EPL 88, 40004 (2009)
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