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Zeitschriftenartikel (4770)

  1. 2017
    Fähnle, M.; Tsatsoulis, T.; Illg, C.; Haag, M.; Müller, B. Y.; Zhang, L.: Ultrafast demagnetization after femtosecond laser pulses: Transfer of angular momentum from the electronic system to magnetoelastic spin-phonon modes. Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 30 (5), S. 1381 - 1387 (2017)
  2. Hegedus, Z.; Meka, S. R.; Mittemeijer, E. J.: In situ consolidation of ball milled metals. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 695, S. 721 - 725 (2017)
  3. Helden, L.; Basu, U.; Krüger, M.; Bechinger, C.: Measurement of second-order response without perturbation. EPL 116 (6), 60003 (2017)
  4. Hooper, D. C.; Mark, A. G.; Kuppe, C.; Collins, J. T.; Fischer, P.; Valev, V. K.: Strong Rotational Anisotropies Affect Nonlinear Chiral Metamaterials. Advanced Materials, 1605110 (2017)
  5. Litzius, K.; Lemesh, I.; Krüger, B.; Bassirian, P.; Caretta, L.; Richter, K.; Büttner, F.; Sato, K.; Tretiakov, O. A.; Förster, J. et al.; Reeve, R. M.; Weigand, M.; Bykova, I.; Stoll, H.; Schütz, G.; Beach, G. S. D.; Kläui, M.: Skyrmion Hall effect revealed by direct time-resolved X-ray microscopy. Nature Physics 13 (2), S. 170 - 175 (2017)
  6. Muralidhar, S.; Gräfe, J.; Chen, Y.-C.; Etter, M.; Gregori, G.; Ener, S.; Sawatzki, S.; Hono, K.; Gutfleisch, O.; Kronmüller, H. et al.; Schütz, G.; Goering, E. J.: Temperature-dependent first-order reversal curve measurements on unusually hard magnetic low-temperature phase of MnBi. Physical Review B 95 (2), 024413 (2017)
  7. Nijuan, S.; Jeurgens, L. P.H.; Burghardt, Z.; Bill, J.: Ionic liquid assisted fabrication of high performance SWNTs reinforced ceramic matrix nano-composites. Ceramics International 43 (2), S. 2297 - 2304 (2017)
  8. Oh, H.; Maurer, S.; Balderas-Xicohténcatl, R.; Arnold, L.; Magdysyuk, O. V.; Schütz, G.; Müller, U.; Hirscher, M.: Efficient synthesis for large-scale production and characterization for hydrogen storage of ligand exchanged MOF-74/174/184-M (M=Mg2+, Ni2+). International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (2), S. 1027 - 1035 (2017)
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  11. Popescu, M. N.; Uspal, W. E.; Tasinkevych, M.; Dietrich, S.: Perils of ad hoc approximations for the activity function of chemically powered colloids. The European Physical Journal E 40, 42 (2017)
  12. 2016
    Ahmadzadeh, E.; Talebnia, F.; Tabatabaei, M.; Ahmadzadeh, H.; Mostaghaci, B.: Osteoconductive composite graft based on bacterial synthesized hydroxyapatite nanoparticles doped with different ions: From synthesis to in vivo studies. Nanomedicine 12 (5), S. 1387 - 1395 (2016)
  13. Akhlaghi, M.; Meka, S. R.; Jägle, E. A.; Kurz, S.; Bischoff, E.; Mittemeijer, E. J.: Formation Mechanisms of Alloying Element Nitrides in Recrystallized and Deformed Ferritic Fe-Cr-Al Alloy. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 47 A (9), S. 4578 - 4593 (2016)
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  16. Albrecht, J.; Brück, S.; Stahl, C.; Ruoß, S.: Quantitative magneto-optical analysis of the role of finite temperatures on the critical state in YBCO thin films. Superconductor Science and Technology 29 (11), 114002 (2016)
  17. Amjadi, M.; Sitti, M.: High-Performance Multiresponsive Paper Actuators. ACS Nano 10 (11), S. 100202 - 10210 (2016)
  18. Amjadi, M.; Kyung, K.-U.; Park, I.; Sitti, M.: Stretchable, Skin-Mountable, and Wearable Strain Sensors and Their Potential Applications: A Review. Advanced Functional Materials 26 (11), S. 1678 - 1698 (2016)
  19. Amjadi, M.; Turan, M.; Clementson, C. P.; Sitti, M.: Parallel Microcracks-based Ultrasensitive and Highly Stretchable Strain Sensors. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8 (8), S. 5618 - 5626 (2016)
  20. Amjadi, H.; Soltankhah, N.; Shajarisales, N.; Tahvilian, M.: On the spectrum of r-orthogonal Latin squares of different orders. Transactions on Combinatorics 5 (2), 52, S. 41 - 51 (2016)
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