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Zeitschriftenartikel (223)

  1. 2012
    Müller, S.; Schoetz, C.; Picht, O.; Sigle, W.; Kopold, P.; Rauber, M.; Alber, I.; Neumann, R.; Toimil-Molares, M. E.: Electrochemical synthesis of Bi1-xSbx nanowires with simultaneous control on size, composition, and surface roughness. Crystal Growth & Design 12 (2), S. 615 - 621 (2012)
  2. Qin, Y.; Vogelgesang, R.; Esslinger, M.; Sigle, W.; van Aken, P.; Moutanabbir, O.; Knez, M.: Bottom-up tailoring of plasmonic nanopeapods making use of the periodical topography of carbon nanocoil templates. Advanced Functional Materials 22 (24), S. 5157 - 5165 (2012)
  3. Stulp, F.; Buchli, J.; Ellmer, A.; Mistry, M.; Theodorou, E.; Schaal, S.; Schaal, S.: Model-free Reinforcement Learning of Impedance Control in Stochastic Environments. IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development 4 (4), S. 330 - 341 (2012)
  4. Stulp, F.; Theodorou, E.; Schaal, S.: Reinforcement Learning with Sequences of Motion Primitives for Robust Manipulation. IEEE Transactions on Robotics 28 (6), S. 1360 - 1370 (2012)
  5. Logothetis, N.; Echenko, O.; Murayama, Y.; Augath, M.; Steudel, T.; Evrad, H.; Besserve, M.; Oeltermann, A.: Hippocampal-Cortical Interaction during Periods of Subcortical Silence. Nature 491, S. 547 - 553 (2012)
  6. Checco, A.; Ocko, B. M.; Tasinkevych, M.; Dietrich, S.: Stability of thin wetting films on chemically nanostructured surfaces. Physical Review Letters 109 (16), 166101 (2012)
  7. Huck, B.; Kemkemer, R.; Franz-Wachtel, M.; Macek, B.; Hausser, A.; Olayioye, M. A.: GIT1 phosphorylation on serine 46 by PKD3 regulates paxillin trafficking and cellular protrusive activity. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (41), S. 34604 - 34613 (2012)
  8. Genewein, T.; Braun, D. A.: A sensorimotor paradigm for Bayesian model selection. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2012)
  9. Yao, A.; Gall, J.; van Gool, L.: Coupled Action Recognition and Pose Estimation from Multiple Views. International Journal of Computer Vision 100 (1), S. 16 - 37 (2012)
  10. Mattos, T. G.; Mejia-Monasterio, C.; Metzler, R.; Oshanin, G.: First passages in bounded domains: When is the mean first passage time meaningful? Physical Review E 86 (3), 031143 (2012)
  11. Chen, L. Y.; Richter, G.; Sullivan, J. P.; Gianola, D. S.: Lattice anharmonicity in defect-free Pd nanowhiskers. Physical Review Letters 109 (12), 125503 (2012)
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  13. Rosenfeldt, S.; Luedel, F.; Schulreich, C.; Hellweg, T.; Radulescu, A.; Schmelz, J.; Schmalz, H.; Harnau, L.: Patchy worm-like micelles: solution structure studied by small-angle neutron scattering. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14, S. 12750 - 12756 (2012)
  14. Grau-Moya, J.; Ortega, P. A.; Braun, D. A.: Risk-Sensitivity in Bayesian Sensorimotor Integration. PLoS Computational Biology (2012)
  15. Habeck, M.: Bayesian estimation of free energies from equilibrium simulations. Physical Review Letters 109 (10), 100601 (2012)
  16. Kam-Thong, T.; Azencott, C.-A.; Cayton, L.; Pütz, B.; Altmann, A.; Karbalai, N.; Sämann, P.G.; Schölkopf, B.; Müller-Myhsok, B.; Borgwardt, K. M.: GLIDE: GPU-Based Linear Regression for Detection of Epistasis. Human Heredity 73 (4), S. 220 - 236 (2012)
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  18. Dörfler, F.; Rauscher, M.; Koplik, J.; Harting, J.; Dietrich, S.: Micro- and nanoscale fluid flow on chemical channels. Soft Matter 8 (35), S. 9221 - 9234 (2012)
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  20. Vlad, A.-G.; Stierle, A.; Westerstrom, R.; Blomberg, S.; Mikkelsen, A.; Lundgren, E.: Oxygen interaction with the Pd(112) surface: From chemisorption to bulk oxide formation. Physical Review B 86 (3), 035407 (2012)
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