Research Group Movement Generation and Control (Ludovic Righetti)

What are the algorithmic principles that would allow a robot to run through a rocky terrain, lift a couch while reaching for an object that rolled under it or manipulate a screwdriver while balancing on top of a ladder? By answering these questions, we try to understand the fundamental principles for robotic locomotion and manipulation that will endow robots with the robustness and adaptability necessary to efficiently and autonomously act in an unknown and changing environment.

With this goal in mind, our research agenda follows several complementary directions for the generation of movements in autonomous robots. In particular, we explore problems related to high performance force control, contact interactions, reactive motion planning and movement learning and we apply our research to both locomotion and manipulation problems.

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Press Releases Research Group Righetti

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Medal-Marathon for Robotics Researcher

May 18, 2016
Tübingen – Stockholm – Berlin – Stockholm – Tübingen; Ludovic Righetti receives within 24 hours two renowned prizes for young researchers for his outstanding science on movements of robots [more]

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems receive more than 3 Million Euro ERC Starting Grants

January 20, 2015
ERC Starting Program granted by the European Research council for the next 5 years [more]