Dr. Sámuel Sánchez
Sámuel Sánchez
Research Group Leader
Phone: +49 711 689-1846


Contribution Yearbook MPS

Lab-in-a-tube and Nanorobotic Biosensors (Sámuel Sánchez)

Our group has particular interest in the design of miniaturized devices that bridge multidisciplinary fields from material science, chemistry and biology. We aim to study a broad range of phenomena occurring at the interface between materials and biology, from fundamental studies to applications. Examples of those devices can be either integrated (bio)sensors in microfluidic chips or self-propelled nanorobots.

Among others, our current research projects are:

  • Self-propelled micro-nanorobots for biosensing applications (ERC: LT-NRBS)
  • Finding new designs for micro-robots
  • New sources of motion at the nanoscale
  • Fundamental aspects of motion of micromotors in confined spaces (DFG funded Project)
  • Ultracompact on-chip electrochemical sensors as lab-in-a-tube devices (ERC: LT-NRBS)
  • In-flow sensing of biomolecules and cells
  • Study of the behavior of cells in confined spaces

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