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1. Medda R, Giske A, Cavalcanti-Adam EA. Challenges in imaging cell surface receptors. Themed issue Optical Methods in Nano-Biotechnology in Optics and Lasers in Engineering, article in press

2. Guasch J, Conings B, Neubauer S, Rechenmacher F, Ende K, Rolli CG, Kappel C, Schaufler V, Micoulet A, Kessler H, Boyen HG, Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Spatz JP. Segregation versus colocalization: orthogonally functionalized binary micropatterned substrates regulate the molecular distribution in focal adhesions. Adv Mater, May 15. doi: 10.1002/adma.201500900

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6. Schwab EH, Pohl TLM, Haraszti T, Schwaerzer G, Hiepen C, Spatz JP, Knaus P, Cavalcanti-Adam EA. Nanoscale control of surface immobilized BMP-2: toward a quantitative assessment of BMP-mediated signaling events. Nano Lett, doi 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b00315, Feb 10


7. Berquand A, Medda R, Hauff K, Cavalcanti-Adam EA. Surface immobilized BMP-2 induces increase of C2C12 myoblast cell size and stiffness. Journal of BioNanoscience, in press December, 2014

8. Liu Y, Medda R, Liu Z, Galior K, Yehl K, Spatz JP, Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Salaita K. Nanoparticle tension probes patterned at the nanoscale: impact of integrin clustering on force transmission. Nano Lett, 14(10): 5539-46

9. Medda R, Helth A, Herre P, Pohl D, Rellinghaus B, Perschmann N, Neubauer S, Kessler H, Oswald S, Eckert J, Spatz JP, Gebert A, Cavalcanti-Adam EA. Investigation of early cell-surface interactions of human mesenchymal stem cells on nanopatterned β-type titanium-niobium alloy surfaces. Interface Focus, 4(1): 20130046. doi: 10.1098/rsfs.2013.0046

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11. Glenske K, Wagner AS, Hanke T, Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Heinemann S, Heinemann C, Kruppke B, Arnhold S, Moritz A, Schwab EH, Worch H, Wenisch S. Bioactivity of xerogels as modulators of osteoclastogenesis mediated by connexin 43. Biomaterials, 35(5): 1487-95

12. Corall S, Haraszti T, Bartoschick T, Spatz JP, Ludwig T, Cavalcanti-Adam EA. α5β1-integrin and MT1-MMP promote tumor cell migration in 2D but not in 3D fibronectin microenvironments. Comp Mech, 53 (3): 499-510


13. Pohl TL, Schwab EH, Cavalcanti-Adam EA. Covalent binding of BMP-2 on surfaces using a self-assembled monolayer approach. J Vis Exp, 78 doi:10.3791/50842

14. Rahmouni S, Lindner A, Rechenmacher F, Neubauer S, Sobahi TR, Kessler H, Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Spatz JP. Hydrogel micropillars with integrin selective peptidomimetic functionalized nanopatterned tops: a new tool for the measurement of cell traction forces transmitted through αvβ3- or α5β1-integrins. Adv Mater, 25(41): 5869-74

<p><em>14.: We designed the cover page for this journal.</em></p>

14.: We designed the cover page for this journal.

15. Gentile F, Medda R, Cheng L, Battista E, Scopelliti PE, Milani P, Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Decuzzi P. Selective modulation of cell response on engineered fractal silicon substrates. Sci Rep, 3:1461. doi:10.1038/srep01461.

16. Rechenmacher F, Neubauer S, Polleux J, Mas-Moruno C, De Simone M, Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Spatz JP, Fässler R, Kessler H. Functionalizing αvβ3- or α5β1-selective integrin antagonists for surface coating: a method to discriminate integrin subtypes in vitro. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 52(5):1572-5

17. Christophis C, Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Hanke M, Kitamura K, Gruverman A, Grunze M, Dowben PA, Rosenhahn A. Adherent cells avoid polarization gradients on periodically poled LiTaO3 ferroelectrics. Biointerphases, 8(1): 8-27

18. Schwab EH, Halbig M, Glenske K, Wagner AS, Wenisch S, Cavalcanti-Adam EA. Distinct effects of RGD-glycoproteins on Integrin-mediated adhesion and osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells. Int J Med Sci, 10(13): 1846-59


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25. Hirschfeld-Warneken VC, Arnold M, Cavalcanti-Adam A, López-García M, Kessler H, Spatz JP. Cell adhesion and polarization on molecularly defined spacing gradient surfaces of cyclic RGDfK peptide patches. Eur J Cell Biol, 87(8-9): 743-50

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29. Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Volberg T, Micoulet A, Kessler H, Geiger B, Spatz JP. Cell spreading and focal adhesion dynamics are regulated by spacing of integrin ligands. Biophys J, 92(8): 2964-74

<p><em>29.: We designed the cover page for this journal.</em></p>

29.: We designed the cover page for this journal.

30. Girard P, Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Kemkemer R, Spatz JP. Cellular chemomechanics at interfaces: sensing, integration and response. Soft Matter, 1: 307-26


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<p><em>35.: We designed the cover page for this journal.</em></p>

35.: We designed the cover page for this journal.

36. Cavalcanti-Adam EA, Shapiro IM, Composto RJ, Macarak EJ, Adams CS. Dynamic Equibiaxial Strain Causes Intracellular Changes in Osteoblasts Cultured on RGD-engineered Surfaces. J Bone Miner Research, 17(12): 2130-41, 2002

37. Chung CH, Vanarsdall RL, Cavalcanti EA, Baldinger JS, Lai CH. Comparison of microbial composition in the subgingival plaque of adult crowded versus non-crowded dental regions. Intl J. Adult Orthod and Orthognat Surg, 15(4): 321-30, 2000

38. Castaldo A, Spada E, Cavalcanti EA. Rapporto fra le caratteristiche dimensionali e morfologiche dei seni frontali e malocclusioni (Relationship between dimensional and morphological characteristics of frontal sinuses and malocclusions). Ortognatodonzia Italiana, 6(5): 655-66, 1997

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