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Nanorobots propel through the eye


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Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart developed specially coated nanometer-sized robots that could be moved actively through dense tissue like the vitreous of the eye. So far, the transport of such nano-vehicles has only been demonstrated in model systems or biological fluids, but not in real tissue. Our work constitutes one step further towards nanorobots becoming minimally-invasive tools for precisely delivering medicine to where it is needed.

Author(s): Zhiguang Wu, Jonas Troll, Hyeon-Ho Jeong, Qiang Wei, Marius Stang, Focke Ziemssen, Zegao Wang, Mingdong Dong, Sven Schnichels, Tian Qiu, Peer Fischer
Year: 2018
Publisher: Max Planck Society

Department(s): Micro, Nano, and Molecular Systems
Bibtex Type: MPI Year Book (mpi_year_book)

Digital: True
State: Published
URL: https://www.mpg.de/12521226/is_jb_20182?c=154324


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